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About me - Only Pawsitive Solutions

About me

After several years working in areas that had nothing to do with pets, I went back to my first passion and offer my services to pets and their humans.

I trained, in Canada and in France, with animal behaviour experts, using force-free / fear-free methods.

My training in a few lines:

  • Gratuated from the “ Animal behaviour consultant” training course, at Jacinthe BOUCHARD’s Zoo Academie (Quebec, Canada), based on positive reinforcement methods (2018)
  • more info: my education.
  • Certificated of the ACACED (knowledge of pets certificate), mandatory to work with pets in France. (2019, Vox Animae)
  • Trained in Animal assisted therapy at the French Institute of Zootherapy (Velanne, France) to help the elders, the disabled or kids with special needs. (2016)

My main services are dog training and individual sessions for dogs’ behavior problems.

more info: my services.

I’m particularly invested in working with rescue dogs and following-up with them after they’re adopted.

France – Canada:

After two years in France, in Brittany, where I worked for myself as a dog behaviourist and volunteered at a rescue shelter, I’m back in Canada, where I’ve already lived for several years.

In 2017, I worked for several months as a dog handler in a dog daycare in Richmond (British Columbia).

Good opportunities to learn to observe and interact with dogs (and their Humans!)

Only Pawsitive Solutions - Mother of puppies

My values:

My trainings and different professional experiences allowed me to work with dogs, cats, but also wolves, lynxes/bobcats, a buffalo, a llama, common or Arctic foxes, chicken, horses and poneys, racoons… and many Humans.

Only Pawsitive Solutions - Mouton

A diversified “audience” that always responds well to the positive reinforcement methods and shows how much « dominance » and violence are useless and dangerous, whatever the animal.

I use methods based on the understanding, cooperation and patience, to get efficient and long lasting results when I work on a behaviour issue. I work with zero fear, zero pressure methods to help you understand your pet and particularly train your dog.

« Positive methods » doesn’t mean « permissive methods ». It doesn’t mean you should let your dog run the house and do whatever he wants. We have rules and « don’t », but we manage to work with the good behaviours instead of focusing on the bad ones. We teach that all behaviors have consequences, without using fear or pain.


That’s why I’m a member of the MFEC, an organization for french speaking dog trainers who use only force-free / fear-free methods and respect the animal well-fare.

Looking forward to meet and talk with you.


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