You will find here the different training I had in the animal area, by chronological order.

It is essential for a behaviorist or a dog trainer to regularly update and increase their knowledge, by taking training courses, on-site or online. I make sure to train with professionals who are well-known in the dog or animal areas and who use positive methods.


International dog trainers winter summit

This online event was organized by Dr Ian DUNBAR, world renown behavior veterinary, in December 2020. Everyday for 25 days, a international dog expert offered an online and live conference. Speakers such as Michael SHIKASHIO, Ian DUNBAR, Moïra Hechenleitner, Grisha STEWART.. talked about dog agression, separation anxiety, K9 sports, online consults,…

Agression in dogs

Online training with Michael Shikashio and Trish Mc Millan, trainers and dog behaviorists, globally well-known, especially for their work with agressive dogs. (November 2020)

This 2-day training aims to better comprehend and deal with cases of aggression in dogs, wether towards Humans or other dogs.


Reactive dogs, on-the-job training

2-day on-the-job training with Mélanie Plandière, cynologist specializing with reactive dogs. DOG REACT (Brest, September 2020).

During this on-the-job-training, we could see the work to do with different reactive dogs and their peers.


Stress vs anxiety vs reactivity

Online training by AZCA and Dr Joël DEHASSE, veterinary behaviorist, globally well-known (June 2020).

This high-level training, reserved for professionals, aims to tell the difference between stress, anxiety and reactivity in a dog.


Dog shelter behaviour and training program

Online training with the Dunbaracademy, by Dr Ian DUNBAR, famous English veterinary behaviorist and dog trainer. (May 2020).

This training helps to better comprenhend shelter dogs’ rehabilitation, thanks to positivie training methods and the involvement of the shelters’ volunteers and employees.


Dog and cat first-aid

Training with Alforme, veterinary school in Maisons-Alfort (on-site, January 25 2020)


Reading with the dog

Training with FIMAC Canin, Mrs Chantal HAZARD, in Rennes (on-site, January 18th and 19th 2020)

This training’s goal is to take action and help children gain self-confidence thanks to the mediator dog, during individual and supervised reading session. To find (again) the pleasure of reading aloud, with the dog’s kindly presence.

more info (website in French)



ACACED dogs and cats

(Knowledge of pets certification)

Training with Vox animae in Brest (29, France), on-site, in October 2019

  • Grades: 22/23 for the dog unit, 18/23 for the cat unit.
  • Mandatory training for any professional who wants to work, particularly for farmers, dog trainers, behaviorists…


Dog bite prevention

Education program to learn about dogs and the risk of bite accident.

Training with Fimac canin, with Mrs Chantal HAZARD, creator of the program, (on-site, March 2019).

This training’s goal is to be able to speak to a young public, in order to teach them dog’s language, to adopt the good behaviors and prevent bite accidents.

more info (website in French)



Animal behavior speaker

Area of expertise:

  • Interventions based on the positive reinforcement
  • Solution of animal behavior problems (dogs, cats…)
  • Aggressive behavior management
  • Dog training
  • Clicker training
  • Medical training
  • Animal and human psychology
  • Animal health
  • Introduction to T-Touch massages
  • Training of dogs, horses, chicken, foxes, wolves, lynxes, racoons, bison, donkeys…
  • In-home consultations and collective lessons



Animal mediation speaker

French Institute of Zootherapy. From November 2015 to January 2016, in Velanne (38, France).

Trained in animal mediation, to take action with people with physical or mental difficulties thanks to animals.

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