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Articles de la catégorie dog - Only Pawsitive Solutions

Who let the nose out?

Did you know that your dog has a super power? Hidden right in the middle of his cute face! Yes, I’m talking about his nose, his most powerful sensory organ. Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell! Can you picture your dog, during his…

Trigger stacking

What is trigger stacking? Trigger stacking refers to an accumulation of stress that can push the dog to react « suddenly and without warning ». Basically, It’s the snowball effect: when a lot of little things add up to become a big thing, just like for…


growling dog

Thanking my dog for growling? What a weird idea! Often misinterpreted, growling is seen as a behavior that needs to be reprimanded, that we can’t tolerate. For a lot of people, a dog shouldn’t growl whatever the situation is. How many times have you…

How old is my dog in human years?

That’s a question most of Pawrents ask themselves: how old is my dog in Human years? A dog year equals X Human years: Most of the time, you’re going to hear that a dog year equals 7 Human years. But it’s not as simple…


Why do we feed our pets in a bowl? It is something we do mechanically, without thinking about it. But why do we do it? Because we eat from a plate and then transpose this way of eating to our pet? Because it’s cleaner?…

Choosing Positive Reinforcement

Patte dans la main - Adoption

To choose a dog trainer or an animal behaviorist is to choose an educative method, which is not without significance! I have chosen to learn and to use positive reinforcement for my personalized training programs. Let me elaborate on this a bit more.  Traditional methods VS….

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