Behaviour Issues

If you are having troubles with your dog or feeling completely overwhelmed, asking for help is the first big step to find a solution.

Know that you’re not alone and that (re)establishing a real bond between you and your pet is possible. That’s how I want to help you..

Your dog makes you feel…

You’re scared because your dog shows aggression? You feel tired of continuously having him lunging or jumping on people? Are you afraid to go on a walk because he is barking at every other dogs or running after bikes? Do you come back from work with a knot in your stomach because you’re worried to discover what your dog has destroyed this time? You have issues with your neighbors because your dog barks all day long when you’re away?

Call (672)-999-2944.

Issues we can approach during one on one session :

  • My dog is agressive
  • My dog does resource guarding
  • My dog bites
  • My dog hates being alone
  • My dog pulls on the leash /bites the leash
  • My dog hates grooming
  • My dog jumps up on me / my guests
  • My dog barks a lot
  • My dog is afraid of…
  • My dog chews, destroys the furniture
  • My dog is stressed out
  • My dog runs after cats (squirrels, birds, bikes…)

Train with respect

I only use positive reinforcement and reward based methods, which means force free and pain free for your dog (and for you!). It doesn’t mean « permissive » and « cookie pusher », but kind, efficient and based on animal behaviour modern sciences.

All the training courses I have followed were given by canine specialists and animal behaviour experts.

Here are some reviews written by clients I’ve helped: REVIEWS

How can I help you ?

Private sessions:

In the first 90 minutes consultation, we will take a complete history of your dog and the problem you’re facing. I’ll help you set realistic expectations and provide you with customized recommendations to improve your dog’s behaviour. I’ll also provide an introduction to training and skills that will help you work with your dog’s specific needs.

This session can be online or in-home, depending on the pandemic situation.

You also get a regular follow-up, by phone or email, between sessions.

Depending on the problem, a single consultation won’t be enough, that’s why I will offer you multiple sessions:

Usually: 3 sessions for 1 major issue – 5 for more than 1 issue or for reactivity issues.

NB: The number of sessions and the progress will essentially depend on your goals and how much you’re dedicated to follow the advice given to you.

  • 1 session: $200 +gst
  • 3 sessions: starts at $450 +gst (valid for 6 months)
  • 5 sessions: starts at $680 +gst (valid for 6 months)

Eventual extra fees if you’re living outside of Vancouver (starting at $10, to be discussed prior).

I offer discounts to rescue dogs, shelters and rescue associations.

Private sessions are generally scheduled 2-4 weeks apart for behaviour modification (aggression, leash reactivity, anxious/fearful dogs, etc)

Contact me for more details : (+1) 672-999-2944

Rome wasn’t built in a day….

No animal behaviorist or dog trainer has a magic wand to solve the behavior problems in two seconds (We’d love to, believe me!).

Depending on the issue, the history, the training background…It can take a few sessions, or weeks or months…or years. I know that’s not what you want to hear but that’s the truth. Really fearful dogs or aggressive dogs may need months to learn new tools to change their behaviours and be able to cope with his triggers.

It’s not a race, it’s a journey!

You’ll have to take time, follow the advice and do what’s necessary for things to change. Even though I’m here to help and guide you, you’re the one who’ll be in charge of your dog 24/7.

The responsibility of the progress is yours, no matter the service you choose.

Contact me for more details : (+1) 672-999-2944

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