Bite prevention workshops

Bites are the third cause of domestic accident in France!

Between 50 and 65 % of children from 3 to 5 year-old don’t know how to differentiate a happy dog from a stressed out dog.

Being unaware of or ignoring the signs sent by your dog to tell you that the situation doesn’t suit him, results in exposing children to serious risks.

Taking action in prevention makes it possible to avoid psychological and physical traumas for the child and their relatives, the dog’s euthanasia, as he is rarely responsible for the situation…

So that the dog keeps being the Human’s best friend (and vice versa)

In March 2019, I was trained by the FIMAC canin and Mrs Chantal HAZARD to take part in an education program for the knowledge of the dog and the risk of bite accidents (PECCRAM).

Thanks to this training, I offer fun, educational and structured sessions.
The goal: to learn dogs’ language and be aware of the good and bad behaviors in front of a dog.

I take action with children, especially:

  • in schools
  • in day camps
  • in pet stores
  • in veterinary practices
  • in shelters and animal protection associations
  • in any structure welcoming young public
  • at your home if you want a private or small group session

The number of sessions and the price will be adapted to the possibilities offered by the structure (from $85 for a one-hour session, prices on a sliding scale).

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

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