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DECOMPRESSION WALKS - Only Pawsitive Solutions


Decompression walks are particularly beneficial for dogs with behaviour issues and big feelings, but is great for all dogs, no matter the size, age or breed.

What’s a decompression walk?

In our busy and crowded environment, it’s crucial to provide some moments of peace to our dogs, especially if they’re reactive/fearful/anxious.

Walking them in places with minimal distractions, where they won’t be over stimulated by numerous stressors will allow them to relax and do dog stuff, like sniffing, observing…

Decompression walks provide both mental and physical stimulation, in a quiet and controlled environment.

How does it work?

  • AFTERNOON only
  • One dog at a time, for a one hour walk
  • I’ll come pick up your dog at your house or at a meeting point, and bring him home, after a nice hour spent in a quiet place.
  • Your dog will be on a long line (or off leash if it’s safe and allowed) to give him as much freedom as possible and to let him make choices (to follow his nose, choose the pace, roam or lay down and watch the world go by…).
  • I’ll make sure that we stay far from the stressors or triggers he usually encounters during regular walks.
  • I’ll be sending you pictures and/or videos, after the walk. I’ll let you know how it went and will provide you with some tips you could use during your own walks.

NOTE: If you’re not already using my dog training or dog walking services, we’ll need to book a meet and greet prior to our first walk.

What results will I get?

With his needs being met, in a relax environment, you’ll have a much more relaxed dog.

Giving him some of his freedom back, and letting him make choices will also increase his confidence. His anxiety level should drop significantly, especially if we do regular decompression walks.

You’ll also get some free time for yourself while I’m walking your furry friend and benefit from all the decompression he’ll experience during his walk with me.


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