Terms and Conditions for Participation

By completing the registration process, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to all of the policies detailed below. You further agree that you will complete and sign the contract that is sent to you before engaging in services.

General policies:

Training methods and equipment:

We use positive reinforcement/rewards-based methods only. We work with force free and fear free technics and philosophy.

We use food treats, praise, life rewards and toys as reinforcers during training sessions.

We do not use aversive training methods or equipment (anything that could cause the dog fear or pain) and use of aversive training equipment isn’t allowed in our sessions, (e.g choke chains, prong collars and shock collars…).

If you choose not to follow our recommendations and insist on using aversive methods, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the class/session, without any refund for the session.

Personal commitment:

Training and behaviour modification require consistency, clarity and patience.

We need you, during the period of your training with us, to follow our advice and program, as it’s made especially for your dog and you.

We ask you not to work on something you saw on the Internet or with any other trainer.

It will lead to confusion and no good result.

Ask every question you have, we’ll be happy to help you.

Registration, Fees & Payment:

The training contract must be completed and signed before any training commences. Payment is due in full upon registration online. We only accept email transfers (LNDEZOT@YAHOO.FR). Cash will be accepted only for a service that costs less than $100.

Health, covid 19:

– DO NOT attend classes or sessions if you are sick.

– Please ensure that you follow the current Covid-19 recommendations and social distancing

Photos and Videos:

We might occasionally take photos or videos in our classes or training sessions to be used in our training materials and for marketing purposes.

You acknowledge that Only Pawsitive Solutions may photograph or videotape you, your dog(s), and any persons who attend the classes, or during walks.

You understand and agree that you will not receive any payment or any royalty for the publication of the photos or videos, and as so, you release Only Pawsitive Solutions from any such claims.

Puppy Classes:

We know that life happens but if it’s not for a proven emergency case, we are unable to offer alternate scheduling or dates.

Cancellations and missed classes:

Once payment has been received, classes and sessions are non-refundable.

The homework will still be sent to you if you miss one class.

Please note that if you miss 2 consecutive classes without advising us, we won’t send you more homework and your spot will be filled by another student.

If you cancel 72 hours in advance, we will offer you to join a future session. No refund will be offered.

Class fees are for classes only and are not transferable to private training.

  • Exceptions:
  • If your puppy becomes sick or injured and is not able to continue with the training within 3 months, we will require confirmation from your veterinarian. We will then refund the unused portion, less a 20% administrative fee.
  • If you’re contaminated with COVID 19: You or your family won’t be allowed to join our classes and we’ll reschedule your classes on the next session.
  • Cancellation on the part of Only Pawsitive Solutions:

Clients will be contacted by phone and/or email and the session will be rescheduled. No-shows or late cancellations will not be refunded or credited.

Dog’s health and temperament:

Your dog must be healthy and friendly in order to attend in-person classes.

  • We will require proof of first vaccines, by email, a photo or scan of your dog’s health documents.
  • Dogs who are sick, or recovering from an illness are not permitted to attend classes, to prevent spreading diseases.
  • Please let us know if your dog is not spayed or neutered, as we may need to take certain steps to ensure their safety.
  • Female dogs in heat are not permitted to attend classes without special permission.
  • You ask you to tell us if your dog has behaviour issues BEFORE registering to puppy classes.

We need to be able to help you and assure the safety of the other puppies/students. We’ll find a solution together if you let us know in advance.

  • In order to protect all participants in a class, we reserve the right to decline entry to, or remove from class, any dog who presents behavioural issues that may be too dangerous or disruptive, or that may be or exacerbated by participation in a group or class setting. Depending on the circumstance, we could offer to reschedule a session, and we may recommend our private training with a behaviour consulting.
  • If your dog has a history of biting (enough to break the skin) or fighting, you have to let us know before registering. Class settings might not be the best option for your dog and we could recommend private sessions and consulting to help you managing successfully this issue.
During classes:
Doggy dress code:
  • We ask you to use a flat collar and a regular 4 or 6-foot leash during the classes.
  • We encourage you to use a body harness for your dog. Ask us for a list of harnesses we recommend (Y shape is the best for dogs morphology).
  • Flexi-leads/retractable leash are not appropriate for in-person classes.
  • Our rewards-based training philosophy is not compatible with electronic, choke, prong, citronnella collars.
  • All dogs must remain on leash at all times on the training premises.
Approaching and petting dogs:
  • We ask you not to let dogs greet each other while on the premises or in the class,

unless permission has been granted by the trainer in charge of the session.

Some dogs are not comfortable being approached while on leash and we have dogs with different reactivity levels working with our trainer.

  • Some dogs are not friendly toward or comfortable around people they don’t know. Please do not approach or pet any other dogs in the class. 
  • Please note that petting and greeting other dogs can only be done after obtaining permission from the other dog’s owner and must take place during non-classroom teaching time.
  • We ask you to bring your own food treats to use with your own dog and refrain from offering treats to another dog without first consulting the trainer and the owner(s).
  • We ask that you have respect for your fellow participants and trainers in class.
Client responsibility:

Clients are solely responsible for their dog’s actions and behaviours at all times.

By registering for our training sessions and classes, you are agreeing that you assume full legal, moral, and financial responsibility for all actions and behaviours of your dog and agree to assume all risks involved.


We encourage children to share in the training process. However, children under 12 must be supervised by an adult, who is NOT the primary handler for the dog.

Children are welcome to be the designated handler for the session, when supervised by an adult. 

Children are not permitted to approach or touch other dogs in the class without permission.

Remember that some dogs are fearful of and uncomfortable around children.

Please note that petting and greeting other dogs can only be done after obtaining permission from the other dog’s owner and must take place during non-classroom teaching time.

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