This list will be updated regularly but here are the « must have » for your dog(s).


Kong :

Lots of very useful tools created by KONG and elaborated with international dog trainers. Interactive toys that would keep your dog busy and happy.

  • The classic Kong has different version depending on your dog’s age or jaw. It’s a must have! You should definitely have more than one Kong and have some ready to use in the freezer.
  • The wobbler is one of my favourite way to feed a dog


Nina Ottosson is mastering the art of creating puzzles for our furry friends. Different levels, dog proof…

Here’s a sample of what you can find on Amazon.


Slow feeder:

Lots of different options, to vary your dog’s activities: Rocky store dispenser – slow bowl: CLICK chew toy treat dispenser – windmill food dispenser CLICK

Snuffle mat:

One example on Amazon but you can find it in your pets store or do it yourself if you’re crafty (lots of tutorials on YT)


Harness :

No, a harness can’t make your dog pull more. It’s a very useful tool if you use it correctly and choose the good one for your dog.

Y shape harnesses respect your dog’s morphology, they are my favorite.

« Easy walk » harnesses can help you with a dog who pulls a lot while you restart your training for a nice leash walking.

Ruffwear :

Copenhagen: harness

Here’s a guide to help you choose the right harness for your dog.

Long lines & leashes :

I usually avoid nylon as it can burn your skin or your dog’s.  Biothane is a material that I really like as it’s quickly cleaned and not burning your hands if your dog pulls.

I’ve found 2 Canada owned businesses that I really like.


The baskerville muzzles are dog friendly muzzles. Your dog can open his mouth, pant, drink, take treats… So he basically can live his life, without any stress of risking an accident. If you’re afraid of what people think, why not customize it and make it fun?

Talking about fun and less « scary », BUMAS is a German brand that makes colorful and light muzzles.

Want to know more about muzzles and how to advocate for your dog or those who need to wear a muzzle : take a look here: the muzzle up project.

Treats and chews:

Here are some of my favorite treats to use while training:


Positive training uses force and fear free methods, and rewards such as treats. Have a variety to diversify and keep your dog interested, know his tastes and always have your treat pouch full and ready to go. You can also use a zip lock or a regular fanny pack.


Chewing is a relaxing activity and a very rewarding one for your dog. Choose natural and tasty chews, your dog will thank you!

A few websites based in Canada where you can find good products:

Pig ear, hooves, bully stick, salmon skin, pork rolls, yack cheese, beef strips…

Choose depending on your dog ‘size and teeth, supervise the first times he enjoys it to avoid any issue. Check how long it last to know when you can use it

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