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« Helene was amazing with my pup, Samy ! After rescuing him from Mexico, I was a little bit lost and needed some help to make Sam feel home. She helped me to understand his own language and with positive exercices, I was able to see quickly a HUGE improvement from my little boy. I now have a calm, happy and confident little boy ! I highy recommend Helene! »

Céline D, terrier lover and happy owner of Sam, the most adorable rescue dog from Mexico. (Vancouver, BC, Canada).

« Such a great knowledge about behavior of dogs, so passionate and professional! My dog, my wife and I are so happy to take the training sessions »

Eloyn V, friendly Hooman of the fluffy Maple (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

« Nova came into our lives when she was 8 months old. Zero training, zero self-trust. We managed to teach her some basic manners but we wouldn’t have made it so far without Hélène’s help. She has adapted her speech for every member of our family (adults and kids) and gave us a lot of advice (and so much more). Today, Nova is an amazing and confident dog. We’ll be forever grateful to Hélène for that ! »

Sonia, super invested and patient Hooman of the lovely Nova. (Gouesnou, 29, France)

« Hélène gives really great advice, helping to better understand one’s dog and how to adapt one’s behaviour to your dog’s personality. She gives honest and personalised advice that allows you to live a fulfilled and peaceful relationship with your dog. Hélène is always available to appease our worries, or answer any questions we have about our dog’s education, her place and relationship with the members of our family. Hélène’s good mood and dynamic energy are very enjoyable. I highly recommend Hélène. »

Véronique, Human of the pretty and shy Oméga (2 years) – (Le Relecq-Kerhuon, Finistère, France)

« I strongly recommend Helen! I have contacted her to ask specific questions regarding cats introductions and received great advices. She also gave me additional resources just in case, which was great. She is a very good listener, patient, caring and obviously deeply loves animals. »

Mary, loving Hooman of the beautiful and adorable Rufus (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

« A huge thanks to Hélène for giving me solutions to end the conflict that my two dogs used to have during meals!
Thanks also for helping me read into my dog’s reactions!
Hélène is very professional, I highly recommend her! »

Melvine, Human of the beautiful Gaucho and Free’z, 9 and 10 year-old.

« Hélène spent a week at my place with my cat Luna. She took very good care of her and gave me quite a lot of tips because Luna tends to be bored.
I strongly recommend her services! »

Annaïk, Rennes, France

« Very invested to help us with our 2 dogs Chapline and Stella (Prada) and good tips. »

Guylaine, Human of Stella and Chapy (who doesn’t sleep all the time :p )

« Pro, hardworking and serious, good! »

Nicolas, Human of the shy but adorable Stella and Chapy (Côtes d’Armor, France)

« A huge thanks to Hélène who helped us with our little Ouragan’s training since we adopted him. Her experience helps us every day to understand his reactions, and always in good spirits! »

Sylvie and Henri, happy Humans of the beautiful Ouragan (Le Relecq-Kerhuon, Finistère, France)

« Amazing dog trainer, invested in her work, she gives a lot of useful tips!!
My Doggo loves her a little too much, by the way 😭
A real pleasure to have sessions with Hélène, who works with respect for our 4-legged friends.
Don’t hesitate to contact her, she’s very kind and listens to our issues. »

Jézabelle, nice Human of the turbulent but adorable Cosmos (Plouguerneau, Finistère, France)

« Hélène is a highly kind person, with our furry friends but also with us! We adopted a beautiful dog retired from military services and needed to better understand his needs, his behaviors, and also to get reassured because he’s far from being a Teddy bear!
In only 3 sessions, we could see the evolution on Meox and our relationship with him. All thanks to Hélène’s positive methods and smiling attitude!
We still get some follow-up, even now that the sessions have ended, which is a good thing. Hélène is always there to answer our questions, it’s been really helpful to understand our dog! A huge thanks for your involvement and we’d be pleased to see you again! »

Isabelle S, kind and devoted human of Meox (Brest, France)

« What a beautiful encounter! It was a chance for Ouzo and I to meet Hélène. In two sessions the both of us already learned a lot. If I had to do it again, the only thing I’d change is I would call Hélène sooner. I even think she saved my dog from a tragic outcome, even though there is still a lot of work. Many thanks. »

Alicia, brave and wilful Human of the beautiful Ouzo. (Brest, France).
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