PUPPY STARTER & Dog training

You’ve just adopted a puppy or an adult dog and would like to get advice for his/her training?

It’s important to adopt good reflexes from your dog’s youngest age, in order to staff off on the right foot in her education and the relationship you’ll develop with her.

Adopting an adult dog doesn’t mean you won’t be able to train him or her, don’t worry! Even if no one taught him/her the basics manners, we can still work on that.

We can talk about all this together, during an 1 on 1 dog training session!


  • « A la carte » session: $150 for around 1h30 and I’ll send you a written assessment later
  • 3 sessions: $375 (1st session is 1H30, others are about 1H)
  • 5 sessions: $600

If you’ve adopted a puppy or dog from a shelter, I offer a discount. Give me a call to talk about it!

Contact me as of now to talk about it: 672-999-2944.

NB: The number of sessions and the progress will essentially depend on how much you’re dedicated to follow the advice given to you. No behaviorist or dog trainer has a magic wand to solve the behavior problems in two seconds. You’ll have to take time and do what’s necessary for things to change, Even though I’m here to accompany you, you’re the one who makes sure that everything falls into place!

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